#28 Unlicensed Podcast – CBRS, Hurricanes & WISPA | with Ryan Reid, CEO @ ROAMR Wireless & Broadband


On today’s episode of the Unlicensed Podcast, we’re excited to be hosting Ryan Reid from ROAMR Wireless & Broadband! Ryan shares with us his experiences starting in the WISP industry, how ROAMR uses CBRS and other frequency bands to intelligently serve the true needs of their customer base, what fiber is and isn’t, stories and lessons learned from the recent recovery efforts from Hurricane Ian, how he’s working with WISPA as the new Florida co-coordinator, and what he gets from WISPAPALOOZA and other WISPA shows while looking forward to TitanFest2022. Check it out!

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00:00 – Introduction
00:49 – Ryan’s History
06:55 – CBRS and Other Bands
24:52 – Fiber
28:12 – Hurricanes
34:06 – Disaster Coordination
42:31 – WISPAPALOOA and TitanFest
50:35 – Conclusion

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