Dr. Tara Akhavan: IRYStec, Automotive Displays, and Resilience – The Display Show, Episode 19


Episode 19 features Dr. Tara Akhavan, who is the founder and CEO of Faurecia IRYStec Inc., which makes eye-friendly display technology for the automotive industry. Tara is also Marketing Vice-chair for the Society for Information Display and she is active with the CIE. In this episode, Tara and Brian discuss how to succeed as an entrepreneur in the field of information display, growth prospects for displays in automobiles, the importance of resilience, especially for young female entrepreneurs, human perception, and SID.

*Faurecia: https://www.faurecia.com/
*Tara’s TEDx talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFnNCuylXR4
*Tara Akhavan, a perception story: https://www.faurecia.com/en/newsroom/tara-akhavan-perception-story
*ELLEvate Role Models: Tara Akhavan: https://youtu.be/k1GaEXautms
*SID Women in Technology: Moving Forward After a Setback: https://sid.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/msid.1321
*SID: https://www.sid.org
*Nanosys: https://nanosys.com

00:00:00 – Intro & overview
00:02:41 – How IRYStec makes automotive displays better
00:05:38 – IRYStec’s first demo at 2015 SID I-Zone
00:07:12 – IRYStec’s technical advisory board
00:11:47 – Building a startup in Montreal
00:13:20 – Major growth in the automotive display market
00:16:35 – Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen
00:17:27 – IRYStec’s first product in production with MBUX
00:21:26 – Time from ideation to product delivery is shorter than you may expect
00:26:16 – Ideation of MBUX Hyperscreen
00:28:53 – Key factors to startup success: resilience, people, and technical assessment
00:31:56 – About Forvia Faurecia
00:33:14 – Handling an acquisition during the 2020 global shutdown
00:34:41 – How Faurecia helps improve IRYStec
00:36:59 – Challenges of an acquisition
00:41:09 – Tara’s advice to young entrepreneurs
00:45:06 – Being young and a minority can be a benefit
00:46:23 – Worry less, stress less
00:48:42 – SID Women in Tech
00:52:11 – Tara’s role as Vice-Chair of Marketing for SID
00:55:23 – Being active with SID
00:57:35 – Importance of standardization
01:00:34 – Outro & credits