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Digital Transformation opens new possibilities for Industrial data to deliver results and achieve business goals. It changes the way your organization runs its operations and defines its practices.

Yet new opportunities always come with new challenges. Ensuring adequate data integration, proper staff training, and pertinent workflows are all essential steps to build operational excellence.

At GE Digital, we optimize IIOT value. An annual subscription for Managed Services with our global team of dedicated domain experts can help maximize the return on your industrial investments.

Using our holistic APM architecture and supported by expert knowledge and work processes, we offer 3 subscription levels to accelerate your digital transformation. Each Service Level is driven by Knowledge, Practices and Stewardship to ensure your goals are achieved.

We collaborate with you to ensure the right support, the right training, and the right processes. Over time, your organization continuously advances and drives best-in-class operational excellence. Any level can serve your software installation or can be inclusive with software and hosting, removing the IT burden. Whether you have the scale for a dedicated install or would benefit from a shared tenant approach, this lets you focus on your assets. Service configurations tailor the outcomes to your objectives, your needs and your pace. Our mission is to ensure your operational excellence grows with time.

We provide full support capabilities with the Results Level, helping drive all of your Asset Management through twelve key activities.

As your staff capability matures, our Enablement Level focuses on enhancing your practices and your workflows with targeted support on specialty tasks and staff training.

Lastly, as your operational excellence takes shape, our Guidance Level helps you craft the right APM processes and culture for your organization, advising you on solidifying practices that optimize results.

We also offer off-line preparatory experiences called Starter Kits. These are designed for customers who are not yet ready but who want to explore APM technology.

Whether we manage, support or guide your digital transformation, you have full access to the aggregated industrial knowledge expressed in the Digital Twin templates applicable to your assets. This content is regularly refreshed and keeps your solution up to date, and best-in-class with the latest asset management knowledge and approaches.

As we evaluate your APM processes and implement strategies to achieve your goals, we assign a dedicated industry expert who continually supports your business throughout your subscription period. This Customer Reliability Manager will leverage their broad experience and knowledge to super- vise and consult on your processes.

Your staff will benefit from less reactive work. They will have more time to focus on proactive activities.

In addition to scheduled communications, we have a dedicated high priority staff which is on duty 24/7 for awareness and support of rapidly changing conditions. Those engineers engage to trigger incident management workflows when needed.

We methodically track and analyze your data every day, all the time, ensuring your systems are re- liable and nimble. All subscriptions include data connectivity support to increase confidence in analytics and KPIs.
Ongoing checks and refinements are constantly monitored by our staff.

Actionable process recommendations will be continuously evaluated and brought forward with a quarterly strategic report.

At end of the subscription year, a full report detailing solution value and effectiveness delivered by your APM system will evaluate your results against your original goals. This provides the kick-off point for next year’s workshop.

Digital transformation is at the center of modern and competitive organizational strategies. With all of our activities driven by Knowledge, Practices and Stewardship, we can help you increase your digital effectiveness.

No matter where you are in your APM Journey, driving a culture of best practices and continuous improvement helps your organization achieve performance benchmarks. Reach for what’s possible with a Service Subscription by contacting your local GE representative.