HIPPA Compliant Business Voip Phone Systems in Denver and Dallas


https://yiptel.com/ – Is your Dallas business VoIP phone system HIPAA compliant? If not, here is why you need to make the change. HIPPA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and VoIP stands for Voice over the Internet Protocol, both of which work well together. Why do you ask? Well, VoIP services that are HIPAA compliant offers the latest in telecommunications technology while protecting clients/patients information. The data is stored and recorded into computers, which means all voice messages are converted into electronic data, making VoIP automatically subject to HIPAA compliance. The VoIP phone system also meets the HIPAA compliance because of its ability to be authenticated with a certificate which gives the phone a “unique user ID”. It also meets the needs to have data encrypted, logs to be maintained with all call data, and access controls can be in place so that different categories of users can use the system. So, if your Denver business needs to match HIPAA compliance for the privacy and confidentiality of your patients and clients, then it’s time to seek out a reliable VoIP telephone system provider. Together, the security and protection of your clients are key to sustaining a successful business that they can trust. Visit https://yiptel.com/ for more information on HIPAA Compliant phones.