ProLinePBX VoIP Phone System: How To Block Nuisance Calls


Nuisance calls come in several forms. They can be robocalls, telemarketing calls or even just an overly persistent salesperson.

The good news is, in the ProLinePBX portal, you can block incoming calls from specific numbers. Blocking numbers can be done both on a per user basis and by Ring Group.

A Ring Group is a group of phones that ring simultaneously on incoming calls to a specific phone number. If you have login access to a Ring Group, you can block calls from certain numbers for all phones that are members of that group.

To block numbers as an individual user, first log into the ProLinePBX portal. Click on your name and select My Account. Click the Answering Rules button.

Next, click the Allow / Block button. Enter a number you want to block and then click the plus sign. No need to enter a 1 or any separators such as hyphens.

Check the “Block anonymous or unknown checkbox” to block all of those types of calls.

Enter additional numbers that you want to block, one at a time. When you’re finished, click the Done button.

Note that Allowed Numbers are not related to blocking. These are numbers that will override call screening and do not disturb. For example, you may want to make sure that your phone always rings when any of your top customers call you.

Next, let’s look at call blocking for Ring Groups. If you have login access to a Ring Group, log as that user.

Click the inventory button to see what phone lines are directed to which Ring Groups. In this example, we will be able to block any phones in the Ring Group that the 3100 number rings to.

As with an individual user login, select My Account, click the Answering Rules button and then click the “Allow / Block” button.

For each number you want to block, enter the number and then click the plus sign. Click the done Done when finished.

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