Remote IT Support & Managed Services


Remote IT Support and Managed Services :

Take Your Small Business Tech Support to the Next Level :

Small business tech support used to be onsite no matter what. But with the arrival of remote IT services, the need for 24/ 7-onsite support has lowered. Pelican’s business computer technicians can resolve numerous of your IT issues using remote access tools.

What Are Remote IT Support Services?

The expression, remote IT services, refers to a system that allows a person to connect with and use a specific computer or network from a remote position. That way, your IT advisers won’t have to make you stay until they can physically come out to the office when you witness a problem. They can address your concern ever using remote access software.

Using these tools, your Pelican business computer technicians can:

Access a specific desktop, laptop, Network or Any Server
Run diagnostic and maintenance programs
Installation or Configuration of Program
Update Software
And so many…the list covers only a numerous of the multitudinous ways remote IT services can benefit your business. Thousands of businesses, worldwide, use and calculate on remote access software and services as a primary part of their IT structure. From small family- held operations to huge international pots to educational institutions, remote access software has come integral to quotidian IT functioning.