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Choosing a MSP can be hard, but these ten things will help you make the right decision.

1) Check what kind of services they offer – do they offer everything you need?
2) Ask for references and call them before signing anything.
3) If it’s an existing company, ask about their data backup policies and how often they test it.
4) Make sure that all technicians are licensed and insured in your state (and any other states where employees work).
5) Find out if there is a contract length and cancellation policy (you don’t want to get stuck!). And find out what happens when you cancel or choose not to renew your agreement with the provider. Do

Choosing a managed service provider is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your business. In this video, I share ten things to consider when choosing a MSP so you can pick the best partner for your needs! Choosing a Managed Service Provider can be tough! You have to think about functionality, cost-effectiveness, scalability and more. In this video I share 10 things to consider when choosing a MSP.

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